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Release time:2020-01-13

In China, if you want to choose a Japanese car that is suitable for refitting VIP style, many people will consider Toyota's 12th generation crown. One is because the car has a good foundation. The other is because the current price is acceptable to many people. In addition, there are many other reasons such as relatively rich spare parts.

As long as we are willing to invest energy and money to refit, the 12th generation Toyota Crown is easy to be built into a boutique car. However, when you reach a height, it will be very difficult to make a new breakthrough. Especially when we think about what the next car will be, we often get into trouble.

Today we share with you the story of playing with a car. The owner of pineapple C is from Wulian, Shandong Province. The car he owned before was the twelve generation crown, and he changed his attitude. After playing the crown to the full level, he chose the Lexus ls430. In his words, this ls430 has more VIP flavor.

In fact, the money for buying a car is not cheap. The price of the 2005 ls430 is still more than one hundred and two hundred thousand, while that of the BMW 7-series and Mercedes Benz S-class of the same era is less than one hundred thousand.

As an old driver, pineapple C bought this ls430 just for refitting, so he began to buy refitting parts when he was looking for a car. For attitude players, a set of good-looking wheel hub is very important, so pineapple C dragged friends from Taiwan to find a set of Oz Futura middle piece to do electroplating effect and prepare to make a set of wheel hub with appropriate data. Because the customization cycle of hub barrel and edge is relatively long, the previous set of workequipment hub is used first. These two wheels are also his favorite styles.

In order to lower the body, he initially installed a magicair pneumatic controller and a feelair shock absorber. The shape of the boot does not affect the normal use of the space, but also looks very good.


In order to achieve a good posture, in addition to the pneumatic shock absorbers, you need to match the chassis accessories. The car owners choose t-demand front wheel adjustable arm and t-demand rear wheel adjustable upper arm, as well as customized tilt angle and adjustable tie rod.

After the parts get on the car, the later adjustment is also a time-consuming process. "Change the wheel hub, adjust the angle of inclination, make the shape of the trunk, stay in the refitting shop from early to late, because the vehicle can't be driven for half a month after commissioning."

In terms of surrounding, the car owner will not satisfy the front and rear bars of the original factory, so the ls430 is equipped with the front and rear bumpers and side skirts of aimgain in Japan. From the following two pictures, we can see the comparison between the original factory and the refitted factory.

In addition, the front part of the car has also been replaced with a non-standard China open with a dad logo, as well as a Lexus guide rod and a bit dense "seven dragon ball headlights".

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